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As a FormAssembly partner, your clients look up to you to be an expert in building web forms, adding integrations, and solving any issues that may occur. With the new FormAssembly Partner Academy, we’re providing you with the courses you need in your own dedicated partner interface. The more you know about FormAssembly, the more your clients will grow to rely on your skills and knowledge. 

Essential courses, valuable knowledge

FormAssembly Troubleshooting

Learn common issues and troubleshooting techniques that can be used to help you and your clients resolve problems faster.

FormAssembly Partner Knowledge

Learn everything you need to know about being an effective FormAssembly partner, including partner resources, discounts available to you, and more. 

Is the Academy free?

Yes! The Partner Academy is built for current FormAssembly partners, and only requires the creation of a free FormAssembly Partner Academy account and a Partner access code, which you can obtain by filling out this form or reaching out to your Partner Account Manager.

What if I already have a FormAssembly Academy account?

If you already have a FormAssembly Academy account, you can use the same credentials to log into your Partner Academy account, where you’ll be able to access all of your completed courses.

Is there a FormAssembly Partner Certification Exam?

At the moment, we only offer a general FormAssembly Certification, but in the future, we plan to add more courses and eventually a certification exam to the Partner Academy. 

Ready to level up your skills?

1. Access your partner code through this form or by reaching out to your Partner Account Manager.
2. Create an account (or log in using your existing FormAssembly Academy credentials).
3. Start learning. 

Don’t just collect data

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Introducing the FormAssembly Partner Academy


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As one of our valued FormAssembly partners, your clients depend on you to be an expert in our platform. They expect you to have considerable knowledge about building web forms, integrating other systems, and resolving issues as they occur. The more you know about FormAssembly, the more your clients will count on your skills and knowledge!

We’re excited to introduce our new FormAssembly Partner Academy—your own dedicated partner interface and learning hub with specialized training to level up your FormAssembly expertise!

What is the Partner Academy?

We designed the Partner Academy to give our partners a place to build their FormAssembly skills and knowledge as it relates to their roles as guides and consultants for their clients. The free academy provides two specialized courses for partners:

  • FormAssembly Troubleshooting: Become the expert problem-solver for your clients! This course provides you with documentation and how-to guides for common issues your clients have. These troubleshooting techniques will give you the knowledge to find solutions without needing to go between your clients and our Support team.
  • FormAssembly Partner Knowledge: This course covers the resources and discounts specifically available for FormAssembly partners, plus other essential FormAssembly knowledge.

Partners who previously completed any FormAssembly Certification courses as part of FormAssembly Academy will be able to view and access their previously completed courses in their Partner Academy account by signing into the FormAssembly Partner Academy with the same credentials. 

After completing each course, you will receive a promotional resource to share on social media.

What are the benefits?

The FormAssembly Partner Academy is a dedicated training hub designed specifically to advance the skills of our partners. With access to partner-centric courses, you can level up your FormAssembly knowledge with topics that relate directly to your position as an expert for your clients. Over time, we also plan on releasing even more resources and courses that will only be accessible to partners in the Partner Academy.

How to join the Partner Academy

If you already registered for the general FormAssembly Academy, you should log into the Partner Academy with the same email address and password. To complete the registration for the Partner Academy, please retrieve an access code at the link below. Reach out to your Partner Account Manager with any questions!

Don’t just collect data
— leverage it