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Article: Web Forms Are the Lifeblood of Data Collection In Healthcare
Author: Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance at FormAssembly
Website/Publication: Electronic Health Reporter

Article Summary:

In the Electronic Health Reporter article written by Chad Cragle, he discusses:

  • The importance of having secure methods of data collection, particularly in healthcare
  • Best practices for companies to remain in compliance with data privacy regulations
  • The future of data collection and usage in the healthcare industry

The Highlights:

Chad Cragle on the importance of modern data collection methods:

“Data collection is one of the most important processes in healthcare today. But outdated methods of data collection have made it increasingly difficult to both efficiently collect data and keep it secure. How companies collect patients’ health information is extremely important, as personal data can easily be exposed in the event of a breach.”

Chad Cragle on the role of transparency in data collection:

“Transparency is a vital component of data collection and usage, creating a bond between patients and healthcare providers. And as companies start being held more accountable for their actions via regulations, they must create a plan to first secure their patient data and then regularly update their policies and procedures to ensure that patient data will not fall into the wrong hands.”

Chad Cragle on the simplicity and convenience of web forms:

“These forms benefit users, providing a simple, hands-off process to collect data: all they need to do is click the box, type in the information needed, and they are then able to mask the data and send it off. Though this process might seem daunting, I’ve found that companies and healthcare professionals can use a paid service to collect data. And by doing so, they are freeing up time and resources.”

Read the full article here, and keep up with more FormAssembly news on our blog.

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