How to Securely Collect Data on the Go with FormAssembly Mobile


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FormAssembly’s newly updated mobile app for Android and iOS makes data collection on the go easier than ever before. Whether it’s collecting leads at trade shows, working off-site with volunteers, or conducting surveys, this powerful companion app to FormAssembly’s platform helps users collect form submissions no matter where they are — all with uncompromising security and offline capabilities.

Data Collection On the Go

All FormAssembly users with at least a Basic Permissions Package can use FormAssembly Mobile on their devices. Within the app, users have the ability to access and submit forms as well as view form responses on the go. They’ll also be able to easily sort and search within the active forms list. With the ease and simplicity of a mobile device, users can quickly complete forms out in the field, including uploading attachments like images and files.

FormAssembly Mobile is ideal for:

  • Trade-shows
  • Campus surveys
  • Email signups
  • Remote check-ins
  • Event registrations

Uncompromising Security

FormAssembly Mobile also comes with options for SAML login and biometric login with face ID and fingerprint recognition. Biometric authentication is not required to access the app but provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind when collecting data while out of the office. Users can enable this extra authentication from app settings.

Form Submissions, Even Without WiFi

Perhaps most helpful for FormAssembly Mobile users in the field is the offline capabilities available on iOS and Android. Users can easily select which forms from the active forms list they want to access offline. These forms are downloaded to the mobile device’s local storage and can be filled and submitted as usual, even without internet or cellular data access. These forms will have cached responses. All responses submitted offline will simply need to be synced once an internet connection is restored to the user’s mobile device.

Test Drive FormAssembly Mobile

FormAssembly Mobile is available on all FormAssembly plans and users with a Basic Permissions Package or higher. FormAssembly users can download the mobile app by visiting the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Interested in seeing FormAssembly Mobile in action? Reach out to our team to schedule a demo.

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