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Article:  “How to Bootstrap a B2B SaaS Company with 4000 Customers – with Cedric Savarese [215]”
Host: Omer Khan
Website/Publication: The SaaS Podcast

Article Summary: 

In The SaaS Podcast with Omer Khan and Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly, they discuss:

  • How a bootstrapped side project grew into a profitable business
  • Why form building, although often tedious, is integral to business processes
  • The importance of listening to customers’ feedback and understanding how they consume information and make decisions
  • The recent FormAssembly funding announcement

The Highlights: 

Cedric Savarese on the mission of FormAssembly:

“We really designed FormAssembly to allow the stakeholders to kind of own that, to build a data collection process that works for them, while at the same time making sure that it’s going to meet IT requirements, when it comes to security and compliance.”

Cedric Savarese on FormAssembly’s recent Series A funding announcement:

“We’ve always been a profitable business, but we went to investors because we knew the opportunity ahead of us, we knew that we could deliver on it, we knew that we could go faster and deliver on the vision for the product. That was really exciting to just find the right partner, in which case it’s Level Equity, which is a growth equity firm based out of New York.”

Cedric Savarese on company growth and keeping ahead of the competition:

“The way I think about competition, and especially as you build a software company, is that you have to find the niche where you can be sustainable and better than your competition. So for us, it was the Salesforce ecosystem that allows us to grow, and then we kind of grew that into positioning ourselves as an enterprise solution.”

The podcast episode can be listened to in full here.

Learn more about how FormAssembly makes form building easy on our How It Works page.

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