The Future of FormAssembly: What Funding Means for Our Platform


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FormAssembly announced $10 million in Series A funding on June 5 from the New York-based investment firm Level Equity. With this funding, George McCulloch from Level Equity will join the FormAssembly Board of Directors.

This FormAssembly funding announcement marks a huge step forward in our ability to continue providing a full-featured data collection platform that’s built to help organizations streamline processes and navigate the current landscape of data privacy regulations and concerns.

“We’re in the midst of a massive shift in the way businesses, consumers, and regulators think about the collection, sharing, and use of personal data,” FormAssembly CEO and Founder Cedric Savarese stated in the June 5 press release. “We have a unique opportunity to combine our state-of-the-art data collection and workflow automation platform with tools and services designed to help our customers be good stewards of the data entrusted to them. Level Equity, with its vast insight and experience, is the ideal partner to help us scale up our vision.“

What Does This Mean for You?

As a FormAssembly user or prospective user you can view this funding as the fuel that will enable FormAssembly to offer even more to you in terms of product development, data security and compliance, market reach, and quality of customer service.

Impact of FormAssembly Funding

1. Product Investment and Development

A large goal for this funding will be to use the additional resources to expand our product team and the development of FormAssembly. This will mean the growth of our platform and the release of much-awaited features to help enterprises improve their data collection processes.

2. Security and Compliance Advancements

For years, FormAssembly’s mission has been to provide enterprises with a platform for streamlining processes and optimizing data collection, all while ensuring high levels of security and privacy. Funding will only help us to accelerate that vision and continue to help organizations practice good data stewardship.

3. Market Reach and Impact

FormAssembly already offers plans and features aimed at helping healthcare organizations, financial services enterprises, nonprofits, and entities in other verticals streamline processes and collect the business-critical data they need. Funding will enable us to provide benefits for even more verticals and offer even more integrations.

4. Improving the Customer Experience

Customer experience will always be a key focus of ours, and this funding will enable us to expand our world-class support team, improve response times, grow our Implementation Services team, and overall, increase the support resources available to customers.

Let’s Grow Together

This FormAssembly funding announcement signals a step forward into a new period of growth and advancement. We look forward to the possibility that this change brings and the increased resources that will allow us to provide an even more powerful data collection platform for enterprises in multiple industries.

Happy Form Building!

— The FormAssembly Team

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