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Article: Pandemic Sharpens Debate About Big Data Privacy
Author: Stephen DeAngelis
Website/Publication: Enterra Solutions

Article Summary:

In the Enterra Solutions article written by Stephen DeAngelis, he discusses the importance of data privacy, how companies are dealing with data privacy and regulations, and how to foster trust through privacy.

The Highlights:

Stephen DeAngelis on how COVID-19 has shifted the data privacy landscape:

“Data collection efforts aimed at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, especially contact tracking efforts, have once again focused peoples’ attention on personal data privacy.”

Chad Cragle on organizations’ level of preparedness regarding data privacy:

“According to a recent survey by FormAssembly, maintaining data privacy is important for organizations, yet not all of them have the resources to do so. In fact, 81 percent of respondents said that they are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ dedicated to making sure their customer data remains private and even have the personnel to prove it. However, only 43 percent of organizations—less than half—said that they have one or more staff members dedicated to privacy-focused roles. These numbers show that although organizations care about data privacy, they may not have the means to do so.”

The article can be found in full here. Keep up with other FormAssembly updates on our blog!

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