February 2020 Roadmap Post: Convert Online Form Responses to PDF with the FormAssembly PDF Feature


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FormAssembly is always looking for ways to make our product even better for our users. In response to customer feedback, FormAssembly is adding PDF functionality to our all-in-one form builder and data collection platform. Read on to learn about FormAssembly’s upcoming PDF feature and how it can come in handy for your organization.

About the feature

Phase 1: 5/4/2020 & 5/18/2020; Phase 2: 8/27/2020 (Release Blog)​ Q2 2020: FormAssembly PDF will add valuable, built-in PDF functionality to our already powerful platform. When phase one of this feature is released, users will be able to generate PDFs on demand from the response page and attach PDFs to response notifications. With phase two, users will be able to send PDF copies of responses to Salesforce. Robust, user-friendly forms just got that much better.

This much-awaited feature will give users the ability to leverage form responses in a PDF format with no outside tools needed. With our dynamic PDF output, the PDFs will closely reflect the actual form completed by respondents. Automatic formatting will reduce the need to set up connectors and will also reduce the need for multiple products or accounts.

Use cases

FormAssembly’s PDF feature will be especially useful for companies that need hard copies of form responses in the event of an audit, for example. Users can also convert online form responses to PDF format in order to present specific information with other teams for decisions or approval, or to simply keep hard copies on file for future reference.

Anticipated Release Date: Q2 2020

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