Case Study Background


SAGE Expands Access to Life-Changing Community Programs With Better Data Collection

Denise Atherley

Director of Data Strategy Initiatives

Case Study Snapshot

As a national advocacy and service organization for LGBTQ+ older Americans, SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) offers a variety of services. Through a vast network of affiliates, trained healthcare providers, and partnering agencies, SAGE is able to offer critical resources to an underserved community.

With such a diverse network, the organization requires reliable data and infrastructure to keep their programs running smoothly. While SAGE operates six on-site senior centers in New York, the organization also provides social services, meals, case management, and physical services. FormAssembly has played a critical role in helping the organization scale programs digitally in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


SAGE is a national advocacy and service organization that works to provide essential human services for LGBTQ+ elders and older adults. These services are designed to help LGBTQ+ seniors age in place with dignity and connection to important services and resources.

SAGE has a representative in Capitol Hill that is working with legislators to ensure that older LGBTQ+ Americans enjoy as much inclusivity as possible. The organization is headquartered in New York City and has 29 affiliates dispersed throughout the country.

The numbers


active web forms


SAGE affiliates throughout the United States


staff trained through SAGE programs

The Need

To transform into a digitally based service organization

Collectively, the team at SAGE identified the need to pivot from inefficient processes and to transform into a digitally based service organization. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a robust data collection platform that would allow staff to gather as much information as possible about adults who were interested in key services, as well as organizations who were interested in partnering with SAGE and having their staff trained.

Additionally, a recent website refresh meant that SAGE had a fresh and updated WordPress site from which to build new lists and reach new audiences. FormAssembly’s simple WP plugin was one feature that made it even easier to make the jump to digital data processes.

The Solution

Transformed web forms and simplified creation for staff

We had all been using disparate systems, and I really wanted to get us to a place where we were all using the same tool.

Right away, SAGE started using FormAssembly to identify website visitors and to collect data from adults interested in learning more about services. This modernized web form process allowed the organization to build a more complete audience list and to reach out and follow up with constituents as needed.

FormAssembly’s drag-and-drop functionality allowed staff members to build forms quickly and easily. With such a simple learning process, they were able to scale the number and complexity of their web form use cases and adapt to new needs throughout the pandemic.

Robust Salesforce connectors on the back end gave FormAssembly an advantage over other form and data tools, several of which were being used at any given time by different staff.

“We had all been using disparate systems, and I really wanted to get us to a place where we were all using the same tool,” said Denise Atherley, Director of Data Strategy Initiatives at SAGE.

Use Cases

Website Forms

Website Forms

SAGE’s most basic use case involves a series of quick forms that are in place to learn more about the adults who request information about services. At any given time, this list of forms might include:

  • Applications
  • Volunteer interest forms
  • Newsletter sign-ups

In addition to website forms, SAGE also uses FormAssembly for other simple yet important data collection efforts, such as RSVPs, registrations, and surveys. This helps SAGE move away from a reliance on paper and manual data entry and become a fully digital organization with reliable and secure data processes.

FormAssembly also helps SAGE improve the online experience for older adults who may be less familiar with digital tasks and online form submissions. Volunteers who assist these adults can seamlessly input constituent information into forms that update immediately to Salesforce.

Intake and Assessment Process

Intake and Assessment Process

More recently, SAGE upgraded to FormAssembly’s Compliance Cloud option to be able to completely scale their intake and assessment processes. This allows staff members (and social workers in particular) to better serve constituents since sensitive health-related information can now be safely entered online in accordance with HIPAA compliance.

Prior to FormAssembly, this information was collected through paper documents during an initial interview, which was time-consuming and prone to error. With greater electronic and digital capabilities, SAGE can now better serve their community and equip leaders and social workers with information that flows directly to Salesforce for visibility.

For SAGE, one of the major selling points of FormAssembly was the ability to map to multiple objects on the back end. Additionally, Denise and their team loved the ability to utilize multiple lookups and avoid duplicate data in Salesforce whenever possible.

“Being able to have that flexible connection to Salesforce has been super helpful. That’s the reason we opted to go with FormAssembly,” Atherley shared.


What’s Next?

With FormAssembly, SAGE has been able to enhance the number of services and virtual programs that the organization offers. Online RSVP and event processes have also benefited from the simplicity of new and improved data collection methods.

As SAGE continues to partner with other organizations (both now and in the future), features such as the HTTPS Connector continually pave the way for new options and greater flexibility. Additionally, Denise and their team have a goal of expanding the use and application of FormAssembly to as many people as possible, allowing for more form creators and users with access to relevant data.

Overall, the team at SAGE hopes to continue creating new connection points to allocate resources well and to better serve a population in need of life-changing resources. As Compliance Cloud users, SAGE will now have access to FormAssembly Workflow, which will enable the team to build multi-step data collection workflows and trace the flow of data from people, to forms, to connected systems like Salesforce.

Don’t just collect data

— leverage it.