Case Study Background


FormAssembly Guides Online Data Processes for the Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center

Katelyn Waltimyer,

Training Coordinator


The Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center is an organization designed to provide support for training and advocacy centers in the northeastern United States. The organization is part of four regional centers established by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) to help communities develop resources for child abuse and trafficking response teams and advocacy centers. The center supports state chapters in the nine states within their jurisdiction, from Pennsylvania to Maine.


Because the NRCAC acts as an umbrella organization that supports a number of smaller state chapters, they have a great need for streamlined regional data collection. FormAssembly allows the Center to keep data organized and trackable, which helps as they report their progress for government funding. “There are deliverables we send to the Department of Justice and to our board. It’s very important for them to see the result of the trainings we do to determine if we’re spending their money well,” Waltimyer said.

The numbers


hours of data entry saved per training program


form responses per training program


of old processes moved to online forms


specialist and technical trainings per year

The Need

Cumbersome Paper Processes with Limited Tracking

We were doing things online with emails, and that’s really hard to keep track of. FormAssembly helps keep everything close together and allows us to pull spreadsheets, through Salesforce, to evaluate data

As is true of many nonprofit organizations, the NRCAC struggled with the maintenance of extensive paper forms for their various programs and evaluations. With a smaller staff, data entry was costly in terms of work hours and productivity. Additionally, they were tracking many form responses through email replies, which added to the burden of maintaining an organized system.

The Solution

Less Data Entry, More Creativity and Flexibility

Personally for me, I love that it’s very user-friendly. It’s easy to build forms, and easy to create things

FormAssembly is integral to Waltimyer’s position in particular, as she coordinates the center’s daily logistics and is responsible for entering data for all of their various training programs. Waltimyer estimates that FormAssembly saves her an average of one to two hours of data entry per training program, and saves time and energy since the information she needs to access is now all in one place. With 15 large group trainings and about 80-90 smaller technical trainings per year, the yearly time saved for an integral employee like Waltimyer is significant.

Unmatched Salesforce Integration

The ability to integrate directly with Salesforce was a huge selling point for the Northeast Regional Children’s Advocacy Center. Having the ability to pull reports through Salesforce is a huge benefit, as they no longer have to maintain extensive spreadsheets in order to share program or participant information with other parties.

User-Friendly Interface

Although Waltimyer was relatively new to her position at the advocacy center, she was able to quickly learn the dynamics of FormAssembly and how to use its features to best serve the organization.

Archival Ability

The ability to archive older forms also comes in handy. FormAssembly provides a place for the old forms to exist without having to delete them or lose templates that may be useful in the future.

“Another thing I enjoy is the ability to copy a form and tweak pieces of it,” Waltimyer said.

This ability saves time when they are replicating forms for new events or trainings that require updated information.

Use Cases

Recap Evaluations

Post-Event Evaluations Provide Detailed Reporting

After each training, the advocacy center collects feedback from participants. As they work with a wide variety of multi-disciplinary teams including those from human services departments, prosecutors, and legal teams, feedback is critical in maintaining quality information. The center also has multi-level forms in use that serve several purposes: collecting contact information for groups of individuals (such as response teams), individual feedback forms, and supervisor sign-off forms. FormAssembly takes the hassle out of each step by providing one place to submit all of the necessary data.

Forms and Reporting

FormAssembly Provides Improved Internal Documentation

One of the most critical uses for FormAssembly in the organization is the use of forms for training reimbursements and other financial documentation like chapter agreements and budget approvals. These budget and monetary forms allow the group to track important information such as new spending, budget proposals, lodging requests, and travel arrangements. Once the information is submitted to the form, reporting simplifies the review process without the need for separate spreadsheets and tracking.

“FormAssembly allows me to keep all of the ‘money’ pieces together in one form,” Waltimyer said.

Training Applications

Training Applications Update to Salesforce

The NRCAC has trained a total of 2,417 professionals across the region through their sponsored training programs. While some trainings are open, others require applicant information that was previously submitted via paper or email. FormAssembly allows the group to retain this application data online in real-time and to store it directly to Salesforce.


What’s Next?

FormAssembly has proven to be an ideal solution for the Advocacy Center, particularly as they advance their mission and the scope of their service. In using the FormAssembly nonprofit discount, they can ensure that every dollar spent on efficiency also counts toward their big-picture goals.

I appreciate that there’s a nonprofit option. With the work we do, every dollar counts. With every dollar we’re able to save, that’s another dollar going to training professionals and supporting organizations that work to prevent child abuse and help victims heal,” Waltimyer said.

Eventually, Waltimyer hopes that the organization advances to a fully online and automated process, one in which all of their form needs are met online by using FormAssembly. With 60% of their form processes currently executed through FormAssembly, the time and cost savings are already significant to the organization’s future.

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