Case Study Background


Hyphen8 Reduces Implementation Time to Increase Nonprofit Services During COVID-19

Antony Daley

Senior Technical Consultant and Partner Manager

Case Study Snapshot

Hyphen8 uses FormAssembly year-round for a vast majority of customers. Their grantFlex product is designed for grant-makers on the Salesforce nonprofit success pack and Hyphen8’s implementation process for this product includes the setup of Salesforce to help organizations launch their unique charity efforts, and FormAssembly forms play a role in the application step. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Hyphen8 needed a way to expedite the usual process in order to provide fast, streamlined implementation to organizations that needed to respond quickly.

About Hyphen8

Hyphen8 is a Salesforce implementation and Impact partner that was founded in 2012 to design, build, and support Salesforce solutions for nonprofit organizations throughout the United Kingdom. The Hyphen8 team specializes in grant-making applications and also provides services related to fundraising, membership, and impact monitoring. With over 100+ customers, Hyphen8’s team of consultants supports small local charities as well as some of the largest charity organizations in the UK.

The numbers


day implementation (reduced from 20-30 days)


new customers onboarded during the pandemic


companies served through a mixture of the COVID-19 “quick start” option and their ongoing managed services Evolve package

The Need

Adapting the grantFlex Product to a Quick Start Model

Hyphen8 is able to leverage many important features and benefits while saving time and money for clients.

Hyphen8’s name comes from the company’s mission to give 8% of their time back to notable charities and foundations. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, Hyphen8 knew that there would be a significant need for fast solutions that helped meet a growing demand for aid, support, and funding. Hyphen8 began working with over a dozen new customers to roll out projects related to coronavirus relief.

Part of Antony’s role at Hyphen8 is making sure that the organization chooses the right tools and platforms for implementation. With the FormAssembly’s partner discount, Hyphen8 is able to leverage many important features and benefits while saving time and money for clients.

The Solution

Faster Support and Implementation

FormAssembly forms played a role in the step-by-step grantFlex process, allowing more of our client organizations to utilize the power of Salesforce and third-party applications.

Typically, Hyphen8’s traditional grantFlex implementation process includes Salesforce registration, installation of the Nonprofit Success Pack, installation of grantFlex and its accelerators, and implementation of several important FormAssembly forms per organization. To facilitate COVID-19 relief efforts, the Hyphen8 team began to offer this package at a reduced rate with incredible delivery speeds.

What was normally a 20-30 day process was trimmed down to roughly three days in order to meet the new demands faced by nonprofits stepping up to the plate during the pandemic. FormAssembly forms played a role in the step-by-step grantFlex process, allowing more organizations to utilize the power of Salesforce and third-party applications.

Hyphen8 leverages several FormAssembly components to build both simple and complex form solutions. These include:

Use Cases

COVID-19 Response Process

The Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland was able to get a relief fund up and running within days.

One of four independent grant-making trusts and Shareholders in the Lloyds Banking Group, the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland, were using an old data system to track payments, grants, and funding. Because it was outdated, restrictive and costly, the foundation needed to make a change. They turned to Hyphen8 for implementation assistance and support.

As the foundation required online options for form building and data collection, they faced a roadblock in finding a solution that was both powerful yet budget-friendly. That’s where Hyphen8 came in to suggest FormAssembly be used alongside the Salesforce system.

When COVID-19 started to really impact the UK the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland wanted to extend their system further to get a COVID-19 response process up and running as quickly as possible to deliver impactful results within the community. In the timespan of 2-3 days, they had set up a COVID-19 response via a new form process. As a result, the foundation was able to help fund over 165 charities, with a total of £701,169 distributed. These finances have been used for food and care packages and supporting charities to deliver their services remotely to name but a few.

The Foundation has received extremely positive feedback from partner organizations within the UK. On Street Community Youth was awarded £5,000 toward education and food packages. MEAAP was awarded £10,000 for food and prescription delivery service to help meet the needs of older and more vulnerable populations within the community.


What’s Next?

Currently, FormAssembly is the go-to form builder recommendation for the vast majority of Hyphen8’s clients. As Hyphen8 expands and works on additional projects outside of grant-making services, Antony sees an opportunity to use FormAssembly for unique nonprofit solutions and diverse data collection requirements.

Are you working to solve local challenges faced by your organization or community in light of COVID-19?

FormAssembly’s commitment to helping partners and customers navigate these challenges remains strong. Read more about our company response here, or learn how we’re providing pro bono assistance to organizations aiding in the fight against COVID-19 at the link below.

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