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Frostburg State University Paves the Way for Campus Data Integration

Reid Bluebaugh

Director of Web and Mobile Applications

Case Study Snapshot

When Frostburg State University switched to a new content management system, staff members also recognized a need to move from internal solutions to external vendors. FormAssembly became part of their CMS form integration and overhaul process, allowing the IT department more flexibility and freedom. Frostburg continues to push the boundaries by using FormAssembly to solve problems for offices and departments across the campus.


  • An institution of the University System of Maryland.
  • 47 undergraduate, 17 graduate and one doctoral program options offered on-campus or online.
  • Offers small class sizes and low student-to-faculty ratios.
  • Works towards regional and statewide economic workforce development.

The numbers


forms in use across campus


days to create a form process (down from weeks)


campus departments using FormAssembly

The Need

High Work Burden for IT

[The] old process was time-consuming for a select few individuals who handled form creation

One of the primary reasons that Frostburg needed a better CMS form integration solution was that its old process was time-consuming for a select few individuals who handled form creation. Very few people understood the technology, which created more hassle for those who could use and implement it. The IT team also received critical feedback about unreliable integrations.

”Before, people were afraid to ask to get a form set up, but now it’s so easy. With FormAssembly, it’s just a couple of clicks and things are working,” said Reid Bluebaugh, Director of Web and Mobile Applications.

The Solution

Easy to Use, Scalable Web Forms

That’s why we signed on, to use FormAssembly as a platform

Bluebaugh was directed to FormAssembly through the university’s partnership with TargetX. The university’s developers were extremely comfortable with the product, and it was a natural step toward achieving the goals they had in mind.

“We started looking at all the systems we were using to get things done, and we were trying to look at the big picture. That’s why we signed on, to use FormAssembly as a platform,” Bluebaugh said.

Platform Possibilities

Although Frostburg has not yet fully transitioned to Salesforce as their CRM, it’s well-positioned with FormAssembly to scale when that time comes. FormAssembly provides an all-around CMS form integration as the team at Frostburg launches new data initiatives that will have greater reach in the future.

“FormAssembly was a nice stepping stone in making our team more efficient, demonstrating that there’s easier ways of doing things,” Bluebaugh said.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the major selling points of FormAssembly is that it is easy to use. Frostburg went from using free code provided by a developer to FormAssembly, which can be customized without coding knowledge. FormAssembly also provides archival options, making organization easier.

“[FormAssembly] makes people happier, too, because they feel like they can take care of it themselves. They don’t have to deal with a bureaucracy to get things done,” Bluebaugh said.

Advanced Integrations

Frostburg relies on integrations like PayPal to make registering for campus events more streamlined. FormAssembly relieves previous pain points with integrations that are effective and reliable.

Use Cases

Use Case

The Alumni Contact Form started as a pilot project for expanding FormAssembly forms even further across the campus.

The pilot web form project for Frostburg State involves implementing web forms to gather up-to-date contact information for the Alumni Association. This new data helps the Alumni Association as it extends invitations to festivals, on-campus events, and other special gatherings. University staff can use integrations such as the PayPal connector to process fees and other costs associated with events.


What’s Next?

In the near future, Bluebaugh hopes to continually expand the university’s web form use cases and to empower university staff to feel confident in form creation and implementation. Coming up, the team at Frostburg will be working with the campus television station to create forms for the hiring of student workers, creation of new television content, and placement of TV crews at various events.

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