How to Build a Mortgage Approval Workflow


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Long application processes with multiple steps can get tedious and bottle-necked quickly, especially if they require approvals to move forward. With FormAssembly’s process builder, you can build an efficient approval workflow that eliminates bottle necks and keeps processes running smoothly.

For this tutorial, we are building out a mortgage application process using Workflow Assignments and Workflow Approvals. These two features within our visual process builder help ensure transparency across your team and that data is properly validated at each step of the application. 

This mortgage application process involves two application forms and an approval from a bank employee. Submission of the main application begins the mortgage workflow. 

Overview of this mortgage application approval workflow.

The main application form includes required information on the applicant as well as a section for the applicant to add contact information about their co-applicant.

The primary applicant fills in their information and provides contact info for their co-applicant.

Next, a secondary form is assigned to the co-applicant and they are sent a notification. This form includes the main applicant’s information as a hidden section using data pre-filled from the first form. This ensures that the co-applicant’s submission as attributable back to the main applicant, without exposing redundant information.

Upon submission of both application forms, applicants will be redirected to a page thanking them for their submission and that they will be notified when their application is approved or denied. 

Submission of both application forms also triggers the next step of the workflow. This is an approval step assigned to a bank employee to review the applications. The bank employee receives a notification that they have a response waiting for approval or denial.

Approvers receive a notification when assigned an approval and manage disposition with a click.

The bank employee will log into their FormAssembly account to manage the application approval. This improves the security of a workflow and helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive form data. 

Once the bank employee has approved or denied the submissions, the applicants will receive a notification about the decision along with next steps for their mortgage journey.

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