[Webinar Recap] 5 Ways to Improve Your Salesforce Data Collection


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We hope you were able to join our recent partner webinar, “5 Ways to Improve Your Salesforce Data Collection,” featuring Lucy Mazalon, Editor at the popular Salesforce blog Salesforce Ben. At FormAssembly, we know how important it is to not only collect better data, but to organize and leverage it effectively. If data collection processes create bottlenecks or frustration at your organization, this webinar provides useful and practical strategies to help.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can keep reading for a full summary or play the recording of the webinar below.

About our partner webinar series

FormAssembly’s partner webinar series aims to highlight our valued partners and deliver unique perspectives on client use cases in all industries. These broadcasts provide a chance to hear from thought leaders in the technology industry and Salesforce community as they conquer real challenges with data collection, security, governance, and more.

Practical tips to improve how you collect data

If your team or organization has been looking to improve the way you collect and leverage valuable data, you’re in the right place. While Salesforce can be an incredibly powerful tool for understanding more about your customers, you can’t leave your processes to chance. A platform like FormAssembly provides built-in features to help you automate, protect, and analyze your data more efficiently.

In this webinar, Maggie Tharp, FormAssembly Content Manager, and Lucy Mazalon, Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Automation Consultant and Editor at Salesforce Ben, share 5 tips for improving your Salesforce data collection processes. These strategies include:

  • How to use Salesforce Dynamic Picklists
  • Why pre-filling form data can boost conversion rates
  • How data validation helps both users and respondents
  • How to decide on data quality with auditing tactics
  • Why finding a platform that updates custom objects is critical

In the presentation, Maggie and Lucy discuss the ways that each of these data problems occurs in real-world scenarios. Together, they also offer an ideal solution that helps combat common issues.

Key takeaways

In the webinar, Lucy and Maggie make a solid case for developing a better data strategy, no matter what type of business you conduct. Some of the top reasons for doing so are listed below.

  • Better data collection can help your organization run more efficiently.
  • Improving your data practices helps you deliver better user experience, regardless of whether you operate a small business or run a large corporation.
  • Within Salesforce, custom objects provide an outlet for solving any business or data-related problem.
  • Implementing better data processes has a trickle-down effect on other important business functions, such as payment collection and processing.

Whether you’re ready to integrate all of the tips or want to start small, this collaborative webinar with Salesforce Ben is sure to give you the tools and knowledge you need to grow.

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