[Webinar Recap] Partner Webinar: 5 Use Cases for Nonprofit Volunteers

In the first installment of our brand new Partner webinar series, participants had an opportunity to view real web form use cases that encourage better nonprofit volunteer management. FormAssembly’s Creative Manager, Maggie Tharp, was joined by CEO of CommonTeri Services, Teri Walker. Together, Maggie and Teri discussed the benefits for FormAssembly and highlighted real examples for managing nonprofit data.

Access the recording below to catch up and discover several unique ways to improve data collection in nonprofit organizations.

What is FormAssembly?

If you’re new to FormAssembly, we’re an enterprise web form platform built to streamline processes and drive quality form conversions. Our services and features can help nonprofits in a number of powerful ways. FormAssembly makes it easy to:

  • Quickly create simple web forms for a wide range of purposes, including donation forms and volunteer registration.
  • Easily connect new and existing web forms to platforms like Google, Stripe, PayPal, and many more.
  • Save on costs with a generous 20% discount to eligible nonprofit customers.

How FormAssembly is Unlimited

During the broadcast, attendees learned how FormAssembly offers the right benefits and features to accomplish almost any use case or project! These benefits assist nonprofit customers by:

  • Providing unlimited opportunities of what forms you can create and share throughout your organization or with volunteer teams.
  • Offering unlimited support, resources, and documentation for common issues and troubleshooting.
  • Opening up the door to unlimited integration possibilities, especially for customers using Salesforce as their CRM.

About CommonTeri Services

Through this webinar, attendees were introduced to co-host Teri Walker, CEO and founder of CommonTeri Services. Teri’s consulting agency offers budget-friendly support for Salesforce instances through software implementation and integration, helpdesk hours, and custom training solutions. FormAssembly is one of the group’s chosen tools for helping clients scale and improve their data collection processes.

5 Unique Use Cases for Nonprofit Volunteer Management

Teri introduced five unique ways that her team implements forms built with FormAssembly to help clients manage volunteer processes more effectively. In the recording, you’ll catch a glimpse of the following use case examples:

  • A front-end volunteer portal built with web forms.
  • Volunteer time logs.
  • Volunteer shift sign-up forms.
  • Information update forms.
  • Form/release management.

Speaking in particular about the volunteer portal, Teri shared, “Once you get this set up, it expands the value of FormAssembly even more, because you don’t have any incremental costs.

Key Takeaways

This webinar shows the true value of FormAssembly for nonprofit customers looking to improve nonprofit volunteer management. From basic forms to more creative solutions, take a firsthand look at how nonprofits are finding savings and success.

FormAssembly’s partner webinar series will highlight our valued partners and deliver unique perspectives on client use cases in all industries. These broadcasts will provide an opportunity to hear from thought leaders as they tackle real-world data solutions. If you’re interested in collaborating on one of these webinars, send an email to [email protected]

If you missed the broadcast or just want to review the awesome tips we shared, make sure to watch the recording!

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