5 Cybersecurity Trends You Need to Know About (and How to Stay Protected)


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Cybersecurity risks are always evolving, with new threats emerging every single day. At FormAssembly, it’s our mission to help organizations become better stewards of the data they collect, and that means staying up to date with cybersecurity threats and trends.

If your organization struggles to maintain a strong stance on cybersecurity, you could be exposing your entire business model to tangible security and data privacy threats. When it comes to guarding digital assets, maintaining a strong knowledge of industry best practices and trends can help you tackle any cybersecurity challenge.

In a re-broadcast of one of our most popular webinars that originally took place during Cybersecurity Awareness Month, members of the FormAssembly team shared how global cybersecurity challenges are affecting business on a global scale and what organizations can do to adapt.

What you’ll learn

During the webinar, Rachel Skroback, Content Marketing Manager, and Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance, share the five most relevant cybersecurity trends you need to be aware of right now, and how your organization can be proactive and resilient against threats.  

As an industry leader in global data security, FormAssembly is always engaged in the cybersecurity conversation. We highlight some of our findings on recent trends, including:

  • The rise of remote work and the increasing potential for human error
  • How outdated processes contribute to cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • The unique risks associated with specific industries (i.e. healthcare and financial services)
  • Rising spending and budget allocation towards cybersecurity protection
  • The cybersecurity skills gap and recent job availability

Stay resilient and protected online

If your organization needs a better plan for addressing modern cybersecurity threats, be sure to tune in to this webinar on demand above. Once you’ve watched, take a look at our blog post, Cybersecurity Awareness Month: 5 Best Practices to Protect Your Company, to learn even more ways to keep your organization resilient and protected in a new age of cybersecurity threats.

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