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What’s the FormAssembly VIP Program?

The VIP Program was created to connect our team with the form-building superheroes that use FormAssembly to the fullest on a daily basis. The insight we gain from loyal customers is what propels us to push the boundaries of what a form creation and data collection solution can do. This community of FormAssembly power users provides members with:

  • A diverse community of dedicated FormAssembly users
  • Exclusive access to various teams and special projects at FormAssembly
  • An outlet for professional networking with fellow customers
  • A place to share feedback, suggestions, and creative ideas

What are the benefits of participation?

  • Show off how you and your organization customize your web forms
  • Network with other users about how to solve common problems and unique workarounds 
  • Serve as part of a go-to group for product testing and market research
  • Earn recognition and be rewarded with FormAssembly swag
  • Be the first to know about upcoming events and exclusive happenings 

Where can I find the VIP Program?

The VIP Program is set up as a Slack Workspace. If you’re new to Slack, no problem! We’ll get you set up as a user and provide access to the workspace where we regularly post polls, announcements, beta test opportunities, and more. You’ll also have access to sub-groups that dive into specific product discussions, use case sharing, and insight from our FormAssembly knowledge specialists.

The big picture

The VIP Program fits into a larger goal at FormAssembly, which is to continually expand our customer-centric initiatives. In an interview with MarTech Series about FormAssembly’s rapid growth in 2018, our CEO and founder said of the VIP Program, “We continue to remain focused on our customers’ needs and doing whatever it takes to help them become better stewards of the data they collect.”

The VIP Program is just one way that FormAssembly hopes to empower users with the best experience possible.

Ready to join?

We’ve made the signup process easy! If you’re interested in becoming a FormAssembly VIP, fill out this form or shoot us an email at marketing@formassemblycom. We’ll send the invitation details your way!

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