Product Update: New and Improved Side Navigation


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With our side navigation update, FormAssembly is updating the global sidebar used to navigate across the product in order to give it a cleaner, more modern feel. Special attention was given to the form builder, where first-time users will find the form-saving experience more intuitive and directed. Seasoned form creators will notice the new ability to expand and collapse the side navigation, not only in the form builder but also on the Reports page. Read on for more details about the updates we’re making.

What we’re changing

  • Removing outdated colors and replacing with a cleaner, more brand-consistent palette
  • Adding expand-and-collapse functionality to the sidebar in the form builder and on the Reports page
  • Renaming “Publish” as “Publishing”
  • Showing all settings on the sidebar in the form builder but disabling them until a form is saved
  • Adding text to side navigation about saving to access more options

In summary, this side navigation update is the first step to a larger series of product improvements slated to unify the application’s aesthetic and enhance the user experience.

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