FormAssembly Releases: September 2022


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This month, we released exciting updates to our form builder experience to improve data accuracy, and improve efficiency with cloning your Workflows. 


Conditional logic with text and date fields

FormAssembly’s conditional logic has been improved with more ways to build out sophisticated forms that show relevant sections only when you need it. Form builders can now trigger fields or sections to show based on a respondent’s text or date input. 

Address autocomplete

Does your application include an address form, such as the shipping address for an online order, a credit card billing address, or a ridesharing booking form? Address autocomplete helps respondents with completing their address fields seamlessly. This feature improves form completion and accuracy of location data.

Form Audit Logs

Gain insight into your form’s performance and configuration with our new Form Audit Logs, and make adjustments as needed to improve loading time of your forms or troubleshoot setup.

Clone Workflows

You can now clone your workflows to help with publishing, testing, and troubleshooting your data collection processes. You can also start anew by cloning from an existing workflow and significantly improving your productivity. 

Other releases 

Up to 100 options now display in dynamic picklists

Previously, dynamic picklists in FormAssembly were limited to the first 39 options. Improve discoverability of choices by respondents with the new limit of the first 100 options to display in the dynamic picklist. 

Upcoming changes to form and Workflow responses

We will be separating response data collected from forms and Workflows into their appropriate reports this October. This means that responses collected from Form Steps in a Workflow will no longer be shown as part of the Form Responses Report. You can view responses collected from Form Steps in Workflow Responses.

Bug Fixes

  • Respondents are no longer able to click the “Save” button multiple times when using the Save & Resume Feature.
  • Salesforce Dynamic Picklists now reflect the same sort order in FormAssembly as they do in Salesforce.
  • Links to deleted File Upload field Responses are now properly handled.
  • Fixed a Workflow issue with Field Alias data not being properly rendered when a Salesforce Connector executes.
  • Resolved a conflict when prefilling a Form Step in a Workflow from multiple sources.
  • Fixed an issue when resuming a Form Step in a Workflow when prefill data was present.
  • Improved alignment of Path lines displayed on the Workflow Map.

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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