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Article: “Let’s Make 2019 the Year of Fewer Records Compromised in Data Breaches”
Author: Kacy Zurkus
Website/Publication: SecurityIntelligence

Article Summary:

In the SecurityIntelligence blog written by Kacy Zurkus, which quotes Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance at FormAssembly, Zurkus discusses:

  • The necessity of training employees about spear phishing and other common malware exploits
  • How industry leaders can use last year’s increase of stolen records to make 2019 a year of cybersecurity success
  • Why companies should have clear and regularly updated policies regarding risk management and software updates

The Highlights:

Kacy Zurkus on taking a layered approach to security:

“Organizations can build defense in depth through a layered approach to security, which includes intrusion prevention and threat detection and response tools, encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention tools. Because security is not only about technology, it’s also important to think about defense as it relates to people and processes.”

Kacy Zurkus on utilizing technology to detect and eliminate hidden malware threats:

“By sharing massive amounts of information, financial institutions can leverage AI, machine learning-based analyses and anti-fraud platforms to enable the detection of new malware threats and previously hidden attacks in real time.”

Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance at FormAssembly, on the importance of reporting human errors:

“Reporting a human error early on can help identify and prevent intrusions, which will stop the attack earlier in the kill chain.”

The article on reducing data breaches can be in found in full here.

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