How to Create Tasks and Recurring Tasks in Salesforce


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For most companies, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done unless you have some sort of task management system in place, whether that’s Asana, ClickUp,, or another website. If you use Salesforce and you’re not using Tasks, you’re missing out on a powerful way to link necessary business to-dos to the crucial data you store in Salesforce on Contacts, Accounts, Leads, and more.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how Salesforce Tasks can help your business and how you can easily create them with your FormAssembly forms.

What are Salesforce Tasks?

Salesforce Tasks are reminders in Salesforce that can be set up to help sales reps remember to complete critical to-dos. Salesforce Tasks are just one example of Salesforce Activities, which also include Calendars and Events. Tasks can be attached to Contacts or Accounts to further keep work organized. You can keep track of Tasks in the Board view, in workspaces, or in the Task list. Employees can also put tasks front and center by adding them to their Salesforce homepage.

How can tasks improve your workflows and processes?

Maybe organization comes naturally to you, or maybe you’ve had to work at it. Either way, you know that having all your employees on the same page about important tasks and processes is important.

With Salesforce Tasks, you can automate some of the repetitive, day-to-day tasks that people on your team, often sales staff, need to manage. This means that even the smallest to-dos don’t get dropped. For even greater automation and accountability, you can assign tasks for specific users in Salesforce and set them up to be one-time or recurring.

How might you use tasks in your business?

Tasks aren’t right for every situation, but they are helpful for situations where employees need to act on something quickly. For example, when a new prospect submits your demo form or downloads a high-value eBook, you may want sales representatives to reach out immediately to discuss their needs and act on their interest.

With FormAssembly, you can make Task creation for this type of situation automatic.

How do you create tasks with FormAssembly?

With FormAssembly, you can turn your forms into Task-creating powerhouses through some simple configuration steps. The most common way to set up tasks with forms is to create a form for another purpose, such as creating a new lead or campaign, and add the task creation as an additional feature of the form.

With FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connector, you can configure your forms to set up single or recurring tasks, including the key elements of the subject, status, priority, and assignee (whether a specific person or a queue).

Want to dig even deeper into creating tasks in Salesforce and get the full instructions for configuring your forms to set up tasks? Check out the article in our knowledge base.

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