What Sponsorship Really Means: FormAssembly Partners with Salesforce Supermums


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Earlier this year, we introduced one of our FormAssembly partners, Economic Change. Founded by Certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant Heather Black, Economic Change is a Salesforce consulting agency that helps nonprofit groups in the United Kingdom establish strategy-driven results through the use of technology and specialized initiatives.

One of those initiatives, Salesforce Supermums, trains and equips mothers and fathers who desire to return to the workforce after a period of caring primarily for their children and families. The intentional and hands-on program incorporates FormAssembly web forms as part of the training with third-party software and applications.

What Does Sponsorship Mean?

FormAssembly is proud to be a corporate sponsor of Salesforce Supermums as the organization fulfills its social mission to promote flexible work environments. As a bronze level sponsor in the U.K., FormAssembly helps contribute to Supermums community events, which help provide more opportunities for Supermums to meet and connect with others. This means that Supermums participants have the ability to come together, share, support, and celebrate each others’ success as they develop technical skills and job opportunities.

The Growth of Supermums

Since its founding, Salesforce Supermums has seen an enormous amount of growth and recognition in a short time. The Supermums team works diligently to promote the rise of women in technology roles and to advocate for flexible hours and locations for busy parents. Notable highlights of the organization’s success include:

  • 139 parents have completed or are progressing through the training
  • 12 complete training course cycles run so far
  • 90 volunteers and Salesforce mentors from around the globe
  • 80% job recruitment rate after completion of the training
  • 3,200 hours of pro bono support to 81 charities in the United Kingdom

Why the Program Works

The Supermums model is so effective because it incorporates practical training alongside real-world work experience on a live project in partnership with Economic Change. The 6-month training program model provides essential teaching, mentorship, and recruitment support. Program participants learn core Salesforce competencies and practice in a demo org.

A 2-hour portion of the participants’ training covers FormAssembly, which is helpful to many organizations that use Salesforce because of our unique Salesforce integration. Many program graduates go on to use FormAssembly in some capacity within their new careers.

What’s Next for Supermums?

This fall, Supermums will launch the first Platform Developer I course, and additional marketing solutions and consultancy courses are also in the pipeline. Also taking place this fall is the launch of the first cohort within the United States, which kicks off in November 2019 – right before Dreamforce.

Here at FormAssembly, we’re proud to sponsor and connect with initiatives like Salesforce Supermums that help change lives and encourage true change in the tech community. We invite you to learn more about our uniquely powerful Salesforce integration and to stay tuned for future Partner features and highlights.

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