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Article:Tech Enables Business Owners to Hire for Quality, Not Geography
Author: Staff Writer
Website/Publication: Inc.

Article Summary:

In the Inc. article they discuss:

  • How connectivity and collaboration allow for a remote workforce to exist
  • The importance of developing and adopting the right kind of thinking, rather than just utilizing technoloy
  • The use of transparency and open communication to ensure success in a remote work environment

The Highlights:

Inc. staff writer on the role of connectivity and collaboration in a remote workforce:

“The degree of connectivity and collaboration that modern technology enables means your talent pool can be dispersed over hundreds or even thousands of miles.”

Cedric Savarese, FormAssembly’s Founder and CEO, on the significance of transparency in the digital workplace:

“I love bringing transparency to our business operations and decision-making. It’s a critical component of collaborating in a remote environment. It facilitates information exchange and allows more people to contribute to decisions that are nominally outside their purview.”

Inc. staff writer on Cedric Savarese’s successful building and continuation of a remote workforce:

“Savarese’s success in combining the right technology with the right kind of strategic thinking is making a difference, not only in his business, but also in the lives of his remote employees. And that same combination can be a difference maker for you and your business.”

The article can be found in full here.

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