Product Update: New Template Library with Search & Sort


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FormAssembly is always working to improve our platform for our customers, and we’re excited to share our new web form template updates with you! In this update, we’re rebuilding all of our existing templates, and we’re adding 30 brand new web form templates as well as five new training templates.

Our new and improved template library is an upgrade to the overall user experience, allowing users to see a wider range of form building options and use cases for inspiration. Read on to learn more details about this release.

What’s changing

This update is packed full of other new and updated features beyond the 35 new templates, including:

  • “Templates” is now labeled as the “Templates Library” in main navigation
  • Removed “Preview/Use” from the image hover in the library
  • Templates with no image have a new default image
  • The Templates Library page now includes supportive text and a help document link to the new Templates Library help doc
  • Templates will be featured in tabs: “All” and “Training”
  • The training tab will have new training templates available
  • Categories can be added to templates
  • The Templates Library is now searchable, and it can now be sorted by category
  • Removed outdated UI from Templates Preview
  • Templates Preview has a new sidebar that includes the description of the templates

This update will help users in all industries start building forms quickly and easily with plenty of examples of what they can do with our product. The new templates serve as great starting points for all types of web forms, like charitable donation forms, medical release forms, event registrations, and more. An example of one of our nonprofit-focused templates is shown below:

FormAssembly Professional and Premier customers will have access to the new web form templates and user interface changes with this new update. Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers will have the refreshed user experience and can reach out to our Customer Support team for access to the new web form templates. We hope you enjoy the new template updates!

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