Product Update: Launching the Create New Form Modal


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FormAssembly is always improving our product offering to make the overall experience better for our users. In a recent update, we’ve added the “create new form” modal to our already powerful form building and data collection platform. This update makes it more convenient than ever to build new forms. Read on for an overview of this new feature.

What’s changing

FormAssembly now features a more robust experience for creating new forms. After clicking “Create New Form” from the side navigation, users will now see a modal appear instead of being taken directly into the Form Builder with a blank canvas. You are now encouraged to begin by using one of several options to get started:

  • Create from blank
  • Create from template
  • Create from SF Import
  • Create from clone

This new update will streamline the user experience and will give a more seamless transition to the Form Builder.

Who will be impacted

Users on all plans, specifically those new to FormAssembly, will be able to launch forms faster without starting from scratch.

To stay updated with other FormAssembly news, resources, and product updates, be sure to check out our blog. If you have any questions about the create new form modal, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team.

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