Product Releases: January 7 to February 17, 2021


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FormAssembly is always making efforts to improve our product to make it better for our customers. This post provides an overview of the product improvements and fixes we made from January 7 to February 17.


  • Added an improvement to include session ID in authorized URL
    • Release Date: 01/07/21
  • Updated language translations
    • Release Date: 02/02/21
  • Fixed a bug that flagged active users as disabled if account activation was not required
    • Release Date: 02/09/21
  • Fixed a bug to make Lookup function correctly when “Continue with most recent record” configuration is selected
    • Release Date: 02/10/21

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success team.

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