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Website/Publication: IdeaMensch
Article Summary: In this IdeaMensch interview, Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO at FormAssembly talks about:

  • Being an entrepreneur and its various facets.
  • His journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur and learnings along the way.
  • His favorite book and quote that inspired him.

The Highlights

Cedric on the biggest trend in data collection and management:

“The renewed focus on privacy practices and the protection of personal data is a very exciting development in which we aim to play an important part. With our form & data collection platform, we aim to facilitate compliance with new laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and help companies be good stewards of the data they collect and preserve the trust of their users.”

Cedric on business growth strategies:

“The one thing that that’s key to growing your business is finding your differentiating factor – what you’re doing better than your competitors and focusing on that. As a business, you don’t want to compete with your competitor on every single thing that they do because there is no way for you can keep up with everybody. So, focus on the one thing you do better than them and make sure that you keep improving it. It’s a lot easier to grow and market yourself based on what you are doing very well as opposed to all the other things you might be doing but not as well.”

Cedric on one key habit of a successful entrepreneur:

“Communication. And I don’t know if it’s something I necessarily do well all the time, but it’s something that I think about and try to do well. Reiterating key points, whether it’s your vision, your goals for a project, or your values as a company is important. It’s not enough to just say it once because it will probably get lost in the constant flow of information and conversations. So, repeating it from time to time is necessary.”
Read the rest of the article on IdeaMensch.

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