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Article:  ‘Fast 15’ companies: Bloomington’s fastest growing firms attract, keep customers — and residents
Author: Connie Shakalis
Website/Publication: The Herald Times
Article Summary:
In the Herald Times article written by Connie Shakalis, she discusses:

  • How the Fast 15 list recognizes companies in Bloomington, Indiana, whose growth is impressive
  • Why most businesses fail and how the Fast 15 companies such as FormAssembly are avoiding these problems
  • How FormAssembly’s remote model allows for greater flexibility, trust, and team collaboration

The Highlights:
Connie Shakalis on why most businesses fail:

“According to articles in Forbes magazine and, the reasons most businesses fail boil down to a predictable few: not listening to and not hearing customers; not providing value that is unique in some way; poor decision-making; the founders’ personalities; growing too quickly; lack of self-criticism; and forgetting to appreciate employees.”

Connie Shakalis on FormAssembly’s proven success of connecting with customers:

“FormAssembly’s platform lets companies conduct surveys, connecting to customers’ criticisms, desires and preferences, crucial to growing any business.”

Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing at FormAssembly, on the error-prone outdated methods of data collection:

“Traditional data collection processes like paper forms, disconnected forms that require data to be manually transferred, cause undue stress and opportunity for error.”

Read the full article here to learn more about FormAssembly as a Fast 15 company, and check out our blog for more FormAssembly news.

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