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Answer These 9 Questions to Determine if Your Data Is Safe
Author: Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance at FormAssembly
Website/Publication: Dark Reading

Article Summary:

In the Dark Reading article written by Chad Cragle, he discusses:

  • How new U.S. data protection regulations in the news will change the data privacy landscape
  • The nine important questions that organizations should ask themselves to keep their data secure
  • Why organizations need to have a plan of attack for data security, including restricting data access, having a disaster recovery and backup plan, and keeping privacy up to date

The Highlights:

Chad Cragle on the role of transparency in organizations’ privacy regulations:

“Your enterprise needs to be up-front about the information it’s collecting. You should be closely following the latest security and privacy regulations to avoid any legal issues. Your privacy policies must be available to all customers if your organization is collecting any data about them (e.g., IP addresses, location, etc.). Your privacy policy should involve all major key stakeholders, legal team, marketing team, and security.”

Chad Cragle on having an incident response and data breach plan:

“Your enterprise should have a robust incident response (IR) and data breach plan in place, and they should be tested annually. It should be the IR team’s responsibility to manage the IR process, defend against attacks and prevent further damage from occurring when an incident does occur, implement improvements that prevent attacks from reoccurring, and report the outcome of any security incidents.”

Chad Cragle on the necessity of conducting regular information system assessments:

“Assessments should be continuously completed throughout the year. Your team should be performing assessments focused on the information system and operational areas within your environment. It’s important to conduct these assessments on all assets, internally and externally.”

The article, which touches on several current data protection regulations in the news, can be found in full here.

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