New Year, New Us: Why 2022 Is the Year Everything Changes for FormAssembly


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Welcome to 2022—a new year full of fresh starts, big changes, and brand-new perspectives. At FormAssembly, the start of the new year signifies a new age of data collection, and a new age of our company as a whole. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made some big changes at FormAssembly, from a transformative product release to an updated brand image and much more! As our company enters a new chapter, one thing that will never change is the passion our team has for helping our customers become better stewards of the data they collect.

Read on to learn why 2022 is the year that everything is changing for FormAssembly—and for data collection as you know it.

FormAssembly Workflow: The new age of data collection

As you may know, our product was first built on a foundation of online forms. From the beginning, our team has been dedicated to helping our customers become better stewards of the data they collect. However, as times change, we know that good data stewardship goes far beyond form building—and that’s why we’ve transformed our product by releasing FormAssembly Workflow, data collection’s biggest transformation yet. 

“With this highly anticipated release, we’re making data collection and decision processes so much easier to manage, all on the secure and trusted platform that our customers have come to depend on. With our new Workflow engine, we are also opening new grounds for innovation, and I can’t wait to share what our team is working on next.” —Cedric Savarese, CEO and Founder

With the release of Workflow, FormAssembly has evolved from its roots as a form builder to a comprehensive, visual data collection platform that not only builds forms, but seamlessly builds entire workflows. 

Workflow gives our Enterprise, Compliance, and Government Cloud users access to a world where data just flows from forms, to people, to connected systems with no coding necessary. In addition, all customers will experience a new, more powerful processing engine in 2022 and beyond. Using our intuitive Workflow Builder, your team can seamlessly visualize and automate data collection processes that include multiple steps, including forms, emails, integrations, and more. The ability to visually map out the flow of data will enable your team to make better and smarter decisions, enhance your teamwork, and make cross-departmental collaboration a breeze. With Workflow, the way you work will never be the same. 

“Workflow is a pivotal product improvement for FormAssembly because it takes us beyond being a data collection-focused tool and opens up a whole new world of process streamlining and automation for customers. With years of experience as a trusted web form building and data collection platform, we had valuable insights into the needs and goals of our customers that inspired this feature in a big way. Combining that with unprecedented team collaboration and planning resulted in one of the most expansive and important product updates we’ve ever launched.” —Maggie Tharp, Product Marketing Specialist

Alongside Workflow, we’ve made some background service changes and other upgrades to FormAssembly in order to enable this transformation and future innovation. We’ll continue leveling up the technology that powers our platform to deliver a better, faster, more secure experience and enable exciting new solutions like Workflow.

A fresh new look

As you browse our website for resources, connect with us on social media, and see us at events, you may have noticed that we’ve also been hard at work refreshing FormAssembly’s logo, website, and overall branding.

“FormAssembly is leading a new era of data collection, and we needed a look to represent that. Our customers are looking for a reliable, secure, yet easy-to-use solution to their data collection needs. Our new logo is simple like our data collection, sleek like our UI, and strong like our security. The updated color palette favors cool tones and better color harmonies for a more pleasing experience. We are so proud to represent the FormAssembly brand and values through our visual identity.” —Dustin Phelps, Design Team Lead 

We chose to make these updates to signify the evolution of our product and visually represent our new-and-improved platform.

“FormAssembly is an industry leader in data collection for enterprise companies and as we updated our branding we wanted the website to showcase that as well. We had hit a glass ceiling both from an experience and performance standpoint on our old site and wanted to reset our potential at a higher level with the new site. With 3.0, we are equipped to innovate and iterate faster into the future allowing us to deliver better experiences for our users which as the Director of Digital Marketing is always my goal. How can we deliver exceptional experiences to our customers and prospects before they enter our product? Everyday we’re working on enhancements and improvements as we blaze forward into transforming not just our website but our industry.” —Conrad Davenport, Digital Marketing Director

What’s next?

FormAssembly Workflow is certainly the biggest product development release in our history, but that doesn’t mean it will be our last. We’re continuing to plan and innovate over the new year as we work to ensure that our customers are equipped with the best data collection solution available. 

  • We’re going to continue to improve upon Workflow throughout the year with the development and release of Workflow responses (a streamlined view of all data collected and actions taken within a Workflow), Workflow assignments (a precursor to more approval-related improvements), and more. 
  • Our Elevate Connector will soon be and available for use. This connector allows users to collect and connect donation information with Elevate. 

“Workflow is not a one-and-done,” said Erik Dasque, FormAssembly VP of Engineering. “It’s one first release and then many after that. We intend to keep taking in customers’ feedback and iterating on Workflow.”

Join our New Year, New Us celebration

We’re celebrating New Year, New Us all month, and we want you to join in the festivities, which will include:

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We’re also excited to share our brand-new playlist on Spotify to celebrate the recent release of FormAssembly Workflow! The Workflow Playlist is full of all our favorite songs that help us get our workdays flowing. Add this playlist to your favorites, listen to the songs, and share with our colleagues!

This is the new FormAssembly, and we’re thrilled you are here to celebrate with us. Cheers to a new year and a new us!

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