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Now, on FormAssembly Enterprise, you can customize your data retention settings and set different options to automatically purge response data.
We work hard to preserve the security and confidentiality of your data, but you also have a part to play to make sure that your account isn’t compromised and your data is handled properly. The best way to safeguard the confidentiality of your data is to delete it once you no longer need it, and the purge feature allows you to automate that process.
In addition, if your organization has internal policies, regulations, or strict requirements regarding data and records, the purge feature is a mechanism that can help you comply with those policies. You can set the retention time and select which data to delete. For example, you may want to purge all document attachment files after 90 days.

Screenshot of Data Retention Settings where you can set options to purge response data

The global purge setting can put an automatic expiration date on all of your data (e.g., 1 year). Very sensitive information can be removed more selectively and more quickly with the connector and field-level purge.
For more information, see the documentation. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Support.

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