[Webinar] Knowledge Tech Talks: Dashboard Forms


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Employee onboarding, new student registrations, job applications—what is one thing these processes have in common? They all require respondents to provide a lot of different information. If you’re asking for all this information in a single, lengthy web form, it can quickly become tedious and overwhelming for respondents. So, what’s the solution?

We brought back our Knowledge & Training Manager (and Certified Salesforce Admin), Kayla Condello, to discuss dashboard forms in our Knowledge Tech Talk! Watch the on-demand session to learn how a dashboard form can provide your respondents with a more efficient and enjoyable experience—and give you the data you need.

What you’ll learn

In the session, we walked attendees through a live build of a dashboard form to showcase its powerful features and benefits for complex data collection processes using multiple web forms. You’ll learn how these forms provide respondents with an easy way to keep track of forms they have filled out and still need to complete. You’ll also discover how these forms help keep data clean and Salesforce records up-to-date, without requiring a lot of hands-on work.

Get a first-hand look at:

  • The flexibility of FormAssembly features
  • How to leverage multiple Salesforce Connectors
  • How dashboard forms improve data cleanliness
  • The wide variety of use case possibilities

After the session, attendees asked our FormAssembly expert questions about dashboard forms, Salesforce integration, and use cases in our live Q&A.

Keep learning from the expert

Did you enjoy this session with our FormAssembly expert? Keep learning by watching our recent Coffee Chat webinar with Kayla Condello!

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