HTTP Connector Is Now HTTPS Connector


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What was formerly known as FormAssembly’s HTTP Connector is now more correctly called FormAssembly’s HTTPS Connector. The name change was made to bring the name of the connector in line with the security inherent in the feature.
We realized that calling this feature the HTTP Connector was confusing to some users and we wanted to update the name to alleviate any concerns that the feature was sending data over insecure connections.

HTTP vs. HTTPs: What’s the Difference?

HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol refers to the protocol used to pass data between browsers and servers. HTTPS makes this interaction secure (the S stands for Secure). Without HTTPS, information sent through an insecure connection can be intercepted and viewed by a third party. When the information being sent is sensitive, such as credit card information or login information, this can be a huge security issue.
Our previous HTTP connector was secure, therefore the name was not an accurate representation of the feature itself.

What Can You Do With the HTTPS Connector?

Through the HTTPS Connector you can connect to multiple different systems, from a webinar platform to email marketing tools to CRMs. Here’s an overview of some of the systems you can send data to with the HTTPS Connector.

  • Pardot Integration: Send form data to Pardot with our Pardot integration and Pardot Form Handlers.
  • MailChimp Integration: Create MailChimp subscribers with our MailChimp integration.
  • GoToWebinar Integration: Sign people up to GoToWebinar webinars through FormAssembly forms.

Regardless of the name, the HTTPS Connector has always been a safe way to connect to multiple systems and send data to where it needs to go. Learn more about using the HTTPS Connector in our Knowledge Base and reach out to Support if you have any questions!

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