Coming Soon: FormAssembly Workflow

Apr 6, 2021 | New Features and Updates, Plans & Services

Launching this spring, FormAssembly Workflow is a brand new way to create complete, visual data collection and decision processes—no code required. FormAssembly Workflow will allow you to build processes and track the flow of data between people, web forms, and connected services like Salesforce, Stripe, or Google Sheets.

Learn more about this upcoming feature and how to leverage it in your organization.

What will Workflow allow me to do?

Workflow gives you unprecedented control over and visibility into your data collection. With the user-friendly Workflow Builder, you can map out simple or complex processes, combining web forms, emails, integrations, conditional logic, and more into a visual roadmap of tasks and actions.

A few major benefits of Workflow include:

  • Easy Distribution: You can share and start workflows across a variety of media including emails and websites, or provide direct access with FormAssembly-hosted forms.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s a simple registration process or a complex multi-participant approval workflow, it can all be easily laid out and reviewed in the new Workflow Builder.
  • Integration: Leverage the same powerful FormAssembly integrations you already rely on, such as Salesforce, PayPal, and more in your workflows.

How is Workflow different from the current workflows functionality?

If you’re a current FormAssembly user, you might be familiar with “workflows,” a feature that allows you to create and launch a series of forms that need to be filled out sequentially to accomplish a particular task or purpose. The names may be similar, but Workflow is a far cry from the current functionality. Here are a few major improvements to look forward to:

  • Conditional Paths: We’re making form logic easier than ever, allowing you to move away from older methods of form routing, such as using form redirect URLs.
  • Assignment: You’ll be able to involve multiple participants in a workflow, each with their own forms, to fully implement review and approval processes.
  • Prefill: Improved form prefilling will allow you to selectively share data with reviewers and approvers so they can make decisions while preserving the security and privacy of the data you collect.

How can I use Workflow at my organization?

Workflow can be used for repetitive processes in just about any industry. Here are three examples to jumpstart your creativity.

College Application Processes

College application processes are often lengthy and complicated. Students need to compile a large amount of information, and that information needs to be shared with the right people for review and decision-making. After a decision is made, the student must be informed and other processes, like housing and financial aid need to be triggered. With a workflow, you can simplify communication so decisions can be made quickly and key stakeholders can stay informed.

New Patient Office Visit

Imagine a new patient office visit process where initial form creation is painless and information flows seamlessly from the patient, to the front desk, to the healthcare providers, and to the back office. With Workflow, you can build a process that gathers patient information, communicates it to the necessary parties, and enables nurses and doctors to streamline the way they add patient notes. Workflow can trigger actions in Salesforce, allowing you to create the necessary records along the way, such as new patient, appointment, and refill request records.

Annual Employee Reviews

Employee Review processes require input and review from multiple different people. Workflow is a great way to align all the different actions that need to happen and ensure each step in the process gets carried out sequentially. For example, you could build a workflow to capture an initial self-review from an employee as well as manager reviews and provide the proper notifications to employees, managers, and HR leadership throughout the process.

Who can use Workflow?

Workflow will be available on FormAssembly Enterprise Cloud and above plans.

When will this be available?

Look out for this new feature in Spring 2021. We’ll be rolling it out progressively to new and existing customers. Keep an eye on your FormAssembly account or register for our newsletter at the bottom of our blog to be notified when Workflow launches.

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