FormAssembly Helps Expand the Impact of Salesforce Admissions Connect

FormAssembly’s web form platform has long been leveraged by organizations that use Salesforce as a way to get more out of their CRM and improve data collection processes. That track record continues with FormAssembly’s new offering for Salesforce Admissions Connect users.

Admissions Connect is a new addition to Salesforce’s Education Cloud that aims to help higher education and K-12 institutions improve the entire admissions process. FormAssembly’s Admissions Connect-compatible package includes targeted web form templates with pre-configured Salesforce connectors and onboarding assistance (including additional connector setup assistance) for a smooth launch.

Solving the problem of decreased enrollment

Salesforce’s Admissions Connect solution was launched at a time when applications were at an all-time low. It aims to tackle the issues of application complexity for students and staff alike. Their goal to bring recruitment and admissions into the modern era aligns with FormAssembly’s mission of streamlining outdated and inefficient processes.

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What is Admissions Connect?

At its core, Admissions Connect was created to streamline admissions processes for students applying to institutions and for the admissions staff that need to review applications.

Some features of the platform include:

  • A collaborative interface for application review with “endless scrolling” and tools for viewing and manipulating PDFs
  • Dynamic application checklists to keep all parties on the same page about the application process
  • A holistic view of student information and application process data

University Application - Education History

Why use FormAssembly + Admissions Connect?

A crucial part of the application process is gathering the required information from students. This is where FormAssembly helps to expand the capabilities of Admissions Connect. Our package, available as an add-on to FormAssembly Enterprise and above customers, includes three targetted web form templates created with Admissions Connect users in mind. In addition to these EDA Ready templates, we offer onboarding assistance to ensure that your web forms get up and running smoothly.

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FormAssembly for higher education

FormAssembly’s web form and data collection platform simplifies secure data collection for higher education institutions. By making the switch to integrated web forms, higher education organizations can solve efficiency problems plaguing their institutions, such as outdated data collection methods and overloaded IT teams. FormAssembly’s mix of user-friendly form building, smart integrations, and administrative capabilities provides better oversight of data collection and more visibility into results, helping higher education professionals drive quality web form submissions and engage students, staff, and alumni.

Whether you’re just leveraging FormAssembly for our Admissions Connect forms or using us across your institution, you’ll see considerable benefits in the form of saved time and streamlined processes.

Learn more about Salesforce Admissions Connect

Interested in learning more about how these new features can improve data collection processes at your higher education institution? Join us on September 13 at 11 a.m. EDT as we explore Salesforce Admissions Connect and FormAssembly’s new Admissions Connect package with Salesforce’s Director of Industry Solutions, Chad Dorshorst.

If you’d like to purchase the FormAssembly Admissions Connect package, reach out to our team today.

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