FormAssembly Releases: May 2022


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In May, we rolled out a scalable, enterprise-grade Identity Provider Management for form authentication, Workflow Responses, and Workflow Assignments that make FormAssembly easier to use and more customized to your situation. Keep reading for the highlights of what we released in May. 


Workflow Responses and Workflow Assignments

Workflow Assignments for all EC/CC customers: Workflow creator can now assign using Email Template and email address if it is known. There is a Beta tag visible in assignments and also a Notification Settings Section to adjust assignment notifications settings.

Workflow Responses for all EC customers: Workflow Responses can be seen with Expanded Response Cards including all response field data and file attachments for each step of the workflow configured.

Identity Provider Enterprise Management

FormAssembly’s Identity Provider Management capabilities allow Enterprise and up users to set up SSO for SAML once and use it again and again on multiple forms. This feature saves time and makes it easier than ever to keep all your forms secure. By enabling this feature, you will be able to restrict access to your forms at scale by only allowing users who can be authenticated by your SAML server to access a form. Learn more about setup and this feature in our help documentation.

This feature has begun rollout in May and will become generally available in June.

Salesforce AppExchange Package Update

Customers are now able to install or upgrade to the new Salesforce AppExchange Package. The package included an updated API version to be supported by Salesforce when their Summer 2022 release drop started in May.

Other releases 


E-Signatures included in Expanded Response Cards

Workflow Creators now can see E-Signature images in the response card also with status of Sealed or not Sealed. Workflow Creators can also find the e-signature response record link in the expanded response cards.

Bug Fixes

  • Users in a role with export disabled will no longer see export options in responses.
  • Workflow responses are no longer showing unintentionally created groups.
  • Respondents are now correctly redirected when they submit their responses.
  • Customers on RPv2 instances can now save their responses without causing any data corruption.
  • Customers with Workflow using form-to-form prefill can now create a temporary responses record and submit those responses after an aggregate metadata issue was resolved.
  • Customers with Javascript disabled, but have RPv2 and e-signature enabled can no longer submit forms without e-signature.

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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