FormAssembly Releases: August 2022


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This month, we released the latest iteration of our Stripe connector to meet Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance to help our customers be better stewards of sensitive data. We also rolled out incremental improvements toward data collection at scale and reach with Workflow and dynamic picklist improvements alongside form localization and bug fixes.


Stripe Connector is now SCA Compliant

All existing and new Stripe connectors are now Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant and compatible with additional authentication methods if required by the respondent’s bank. This update does not impact any enabled connectors or existing aliases. However, all new responses made with the connector will have the following updated Stripe Aliases automatically added to the response:

  • Stripe Setup Intents (instead of Subscriptions for recurring payments)
  • Stripe Payment Intents (instead of Charges for one-time payments)
  • Stripe Payment Method (to define a customer’s payment instrument)

You are not required to make any manual updates to Stripe Connector(s) already enabled on your forms. If you wish to delete old aliases or use or view the new aliases as hidden fields, you will need to refresh the Stripe Connector on all forms that have the connector enabled.

Workflow Responses Logs

Workflow Response logs are now available for all EC/CC customers. With Workflow Response Logs, customers will be able to view the status of individual Steps in the Workflow while a Response is in progress. This will aid with visibility into the actions of a Workflow and can assist customers with troubleshooting and identifying key areas and potential issues within their Workflows.

Other releases 

Refresh Salesforce Connection in Dynamic Picklists

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists have been enhanced to support use cases for scheduling and reserving appointment slots. Now, this use case can be set up through the dynamic picklist configuration with a toggle to refresh Salesforce connection. 

Updated Finnish translations for error handling 

Respondents completing forms in Finnish (Suomi) will now see additional error handling text translated to their language. As a reminder, we rely on user-submitted translations to provide an internationalized data collection experience. If you want to see more translations available in FormAssembly, please submit your translations to us here.

Bug Fixes

  • Form Creators Email Address will not be exposed in Form Reset Password
  • Save and Resume works with form to form prefill in new workflow

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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