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FormAssembly is in the news! Stay up to date with FormAssembly news and press mentions on our Press page, where we feature guest posts, interviews, and more covering a variety of different topics. In this blog, we’re highlighting a Forbes Tech Council article by Cedric Savarese, FormAssembly Founder and CEO.

Article:  The Shifting Remote Work Market
Author: Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly
Website/Publication:  Forbes Tech Council

Article Summary: 

In the Forbes Tech Council article written by Cedric Savarese, he discusses:

  • Why remote work is increasingly becoming the norm
  • The benefits and drawbacks to having a partially remote vs. a fully remote work environment
  • How organizations can adapt their communication style to fit the office environment, whether in-office or remote

The Highlights: 

Cedric Savarese on why FormAssembly has been successful in using the remote work model:

“Going remote made us competitive. It gave us the ability to grow and be successful in ways that would have been otherwise impossible.”

Cedric Savarese on the positive impact that remote work can have on a company:

“Furthermore, according to a new study from Harvard Business School, remote jobs result in higher productivity, less turnover and lower organizational costs.”

Cedric Savarese on the importance of effective communication in a remote or partially remote workplace:

“Established companies come with established cultures and ways of communicating, and remote workers are apt to feel outside of the loop if the company culture has not evolved to allow the remote worker to flourish…Ultimately, if remote workers feel disconnected from other team members, they will not be able to do their jobs effectively.”

The article can be found in full here.

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