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Article: Solo Entrepreneur, bootstrapping with a Paycheck and a Virtual Company: Cedric Savarese, CEO of FormAssembly
Author: Sramana Mitra
Website/Publication: One Million by One Million
Article Summary:
In the One Million by One Million interview with FormAssembly’s Founder and CEO Cedric Savarese, he talks about:

  • His background, education, and what led him to start FormAssembly
  • The first few years of FormAssembly’s journey and how it got to where it is today
  • His vision for the company, what it does, and how it stacks up against others in the market

The Highlights:

Cedric on how FormAssembly is able standout amongst competitors:

“Salesforce integration and being able to be in that space and understand that space very well and understand how our customers use Salesforce and what their needs are. Having that kind of first mover advantage was good for us because we’ve been able to build an integration that is miles ahead of anything our competitors are doing in that particular space.”

Cedric on finding talent as a remote company:

“If you go to some of the big job boards like Indeed, you could just advertise the position as remote. When we do that, we get hundreds of applicants for every position that we open. It’s hard to sift through all the applicants and to find the right person. Once you find someone that has the right experience and skillset that you’re looking for, then we really don’t care where they’re at.”

Cedric on the advantage of being a Salesforce ISV:

“What Salesforce has done for us is, it brought us different kinds of customers. Before, it was small businesses and individuals. Through Salesforce, now we have Fortune 500 companies and very large organizations.”
Read the rest of the article on One Million by One Million blog.

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