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Article: “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta Saves $65K By Switching to Digital Data Capture”
Author: Nhu Te, Editor-in-Chief, NonProfit Pro
Website/Publication: NonProfit Pro
Article Summary:
In this NonProfit Pro article, Editor-in-Chief Nhu Te interviewed Natalie Jo Williams, Marketing Group Leader at TechBridge along with Hillary Sciscoe, Customer Development Representative at FormAssembly. The story covers:

  • TechBridge’s use case of FormAssembly.
  • How TechBridge worked with FormAssembly to help nonprofits transition from paper-and-pencil to digital methods of data capture, saving them time and money, in addition to making it easier to use and keep track of the data collected.
  • How Big Brother Big Sister of Metro Atlanta saved more than $65,000 and 15,000 sheets of paper in a year by using FormAssembly.

The Highlights:
Natalie Jo Williams on FormAssembly:

“When it came time to meet FormAssembly, we were really impressed at how intuitive the solution is to use. At TechBridge, we like to touch-base with all the solutions before we make recommendations for nonprofits, because we know that there is a ease-of-use requirement and sensitivity.”

Nhu Te on FormAssembly and the impact it’s having on nonprofits:

“Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta is one of the organizations that work with TechBridge and FormAssembly. Together, they worked to save time and money by creating digital versions of their paperwork. And the results? Well, after transitioning to FormAssembly, the organization saved $65,000, saved 15,000 sheets of paper annually and enabled an estimated 50 percent decrease in time required to fill out volunteer applications—resulting in 550 new mentors joining the program.”

Hillary Sciscoe on working with Nonprofits:

“I work with a lot of nonprofit customers over the years and they are some of the most passionate people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. To me, there’s nothing better than helping people accomplish goals that they are compassionate about.”

Read the rest of the article on NonProfit Pro.

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