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FormAssembly is in the news! Stay up to date with FormAssembly news and press mentions on our Press page, where we feature guest posts, interviews, and more covering a variety of different topics. In this blog, we’re highlighting a mention of FormAssembly in Adweek.

Article: ‘Careful What You Wish For,’ Ad-Tech Firms Respond to Privacy Mandate
Author: Ronan Shields
Website/Publication: Adweek

Article Summary:

In this article by Ronan Shields about FormAssembly in Adweek, the author mentions:

  • The unintended consequences resulting from the CCPA
  • How privacy laws, once meant to slow the market dominance of Big Tech, are now affecting ad-tech companies
  • How companies have had to develop new processes for handling data due to new regulations

The Highlights:

Ronan Shields on FormAssembly’s new survey about how businesses are dealing with regulations:

“Public awareness about how personal data is used as a transactional currency is rising, and a survey released today by FormAssembly shows businesses are still grappling with how to move forward.”

Ronan Shields on how businesses view data privacy regulations:

“For example, 85% of businesses want data privacy regulation at a federal level, while less than half (49%) have a documented means of allowing customers to access and delete their information, a core principle of U.S. privacy statutes, as well as General Data Protection Regulations in the EU.”

Ronan Shields on the struggles ad-tech companies face regarding the CCPA and other regulations:

“For ad-tech companies, foundational questions of existence are part of every conversation, but so is trying to navigate some of the unintended consequences of the legislation… Privacy laws such as CCPA and GDPR were drafted to curtail the excesses and market dominance of Big Tech, most notably Google and Facebook, but in the media business it has led some advertisers to seek refuge in the walled gardens.”

Read the full article here, and keep up with more FormAssembly news on our blog.

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