FormAssembly’s COVID-19 Response: Our Plan for Business Continuity and Employee Health


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With the COVID-19 crisis developing worldwide, FormAssembly’s plan of action is to focus on the health and well-being of our team members while continuing to deliver the highest standards of service, security, and compliance to the customers who rely on us. We understand the already significant effect this outbreak has had on many individuals and organizations globally. In this blog, we’re sharing information on how we are supporting our customers and employees throughout this situation and beyond.

Our remote work culture enables us to continue operations as usual

FormAssembly’s 100% remote workforce is equipped to continue operations throughout this developing situation, with business procedures and policies already designed for all of our employees to work from home on a daily basis.

In accordance with government recommendations, we have suspended company events, business travel, and in-person meetings during this time to help keep our employees, their families, and the community safe. We will continue to comply with current and future recommendations and restrictions required by national, regional, and local health authorities.

Our business continuity plan

Many of our nonprofit and healthcare customers are directly involved with the COVID-19 crisis. We’re prepared to ensure continuous service to these organizations and all our customers throughout this situation. In particular, in compliance with the HIPAA regulation, our contingency plan is designed to maintain the integrity and availability of the health information entrusted to us. We take these requirements seriously, and we regularly audit and test our business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Let us know how we can help

As this situation evolves, rest assured that we are continuing to invest in our capabilities, equipment, and employees in order to support our customers. If you have any questions or suggestions on how FormAssembly can support you and the community during this time, please reach out to us.

As always, our Customer Success team will be available should you have any questions. We’ll continue to share any updates we have on our website, social channels, and by email.

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