3 Unique Post-Form Submission Examples Using Notifications, Redirects, & Formulas


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After you’ve collected data through a web form, one of the next steps to think about is what you want to happen post-submission. We have many tutorials on how to connect your data with Salesforce and other systems, but in this blog post, we’re presenting three examples of how to use notifications, redirects, and formulas to send customized emails or send form respondents to certain pages or forms, and use formulas to customize the experience.

First, a Few Definitions

Notifications, redirects, and formulas are three terms used to describe different FormAssembly abilities:

  • The form Notifications page is where you can select what will happen after the form has been submitted. You can choose to show a default thank you message, send emails to specific people, or even send an email to a specific person based on a response answer.

  • A form Redirect allows you to redirect the respondent to a new page or redirect them based on a response answer.

  • Formulas can be used in redirects and in connectors to add additional customization to the process. You’ll be able to see a few examples of formulas below.

Now, the Use Cases

When a respondent submits a form, you could simply show them a generic thank you page, but there are much more complex and advanced things you can do to further streamline your processes and add additional collaboration to your forms. Here are three examples.

Email Notification Based on Form Response

Say, for example, that you want to send a certain person on your marketing team an email if a respondent selects “Marketing” from a list of departments on a contact form. Alternately, that respondent may select “Sales” if they want to reach the sales team, and so on.

You can send an email to the right team upon submission using a calculation within the FormAssembly form and an alias in the notifications.

Get the full walkthrough in our help docs: Conditional Email Notifications.

Form Redirect Based on Response with Prefill

In some cases, you may want to send a respondent to a second form after they finish filling out one form. You can do this and prefill their information using a simple formula in the “Redirect to this page” box on the Notifications page.

With the formula below, if a respondent enters their email address, you can automatically redirect them to another form and prefill their information from Salesforce. (This requires proper setup of a Salesforce Prefill Connector on the form you want to redirect them to.) If they don’t enter an email address, it will redirect to a website.


Redirect to Website Based on Response Answer

One final use case involves a form redirect from one form to another form or a website, based on their form answers. After you add the formula below to the redirect box on the Notifications page and apply your changes, the respondent will be redirected to another form if they choose “USA” from a radio button list. If the respondent doesn’t choose “USA”, they will be directed to a website.


Want more information on implementing these form redirect, and notification use cases in your forms?

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