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Article:Why Defining the Digital Space Is the First Step in Digital Transformation
Author: David Roe
Website/Publication: CMSWire

Article Summary:

In the CMSWire article written by David Roe, he discusses:

  • How digital tools must be purposefully chosen for a digital workplace
  • How to measure success, as there is not a one-size-fits-all approach
  • The significance of culture and collaboration in the digital office

The Highlights:

David Roe on the importance of finding the right digital workplace solution:

“To get started, a company has to find the right definition of what a digital workplace means for the organization — no company should try to tackle digital just for the sake of doing it. Define the business goals and how digital will be embodied in the organization.”

Jai Davda, Director of Infrastructure at FormAssembly, on the use of smart technology for digital organizational communication:

“Email alone is not sufficient for digital workplace communication. The ideal method involves using chat software, such as Slack or Flow dock, that enables open, asynchronous communication between team members. This software also provides a written record of work done and decisions made that is searchable and centralized.”

Jai Davda on the necessity of having trust in a digital workplace environment:

“In a remote workplace, it’s key to hire employees that can be trusted to manage their time effectively and work without constant supervision.”

The article can be found in full here.

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