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Article: “Protect Data Integrity During Your Digital Transformation”
Author: Ashley McAlpin, Director of Marketing at FormAssembly
Website/Publication: DestinationCRM

Article Summary:

In the DestinationCRM article written by FormAssembly’s Ashley McAlpin, she discusses:

  • The positive effects that digital transformation can have on businesses over time
  • How manual data entry can lead to disorganized data and errors, creating inefficiencies for both marketing and sales teams
  • Why companies should utilize automated data collection and relationship management tools for more organized business processes

The Highlights:

Ashley McAlpin on finding the right digital data capture and data collection tools for your organization:

“As a marketer—and as a business—you’re only as good as your data. Many data collection solutions limit the number of forms you can produce or responses you can collect, so it is important to understand your organization’s needs as you assess the tools available to help refine your data collection process.”

Ashley McAlpin on the benefits of utilizing new digital data capture toolsets:

“Changing how data is assembled and input will, no doubt, result in big savings—in both time and money. Use toolsets that streamline the process and make data entry more efficient and organized. New CRM tools can help improve processes, no matter what stage of the digital transformation journey your business is in and can help manage staffing changes and shifting business priorities.”

Ashley McAlpin on transitioning from manual data entry to digital form solutions:

“Form solutions can integrate with Salesforce or other CRM systems, providing improved processes that can be built on and improved over time. The transition to smart forms allows businesses to avoid duplicates and keep all data in one place and up to date so that teams can quickly jump into the lead nurturing process (not the data cleanup process).”

The article can be in found in full here.

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