[Whitepaper] Understanding the Importance of Data Stewardship


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Over the past several years, conversations around data stewardship have become a focal point for many organizations. These companies feel the burden of staying ahead of rapidly evolving data privacy regulations and yet, know this compliance is crucial to maintaining data integrity and minimizing security threats. Meanwhile, the consumer’s trust in how organizations handle their data continues to decline at a rapid pace.

Organizations that collect and manage data are responsible for maintaining security and compliance as well as transparency with consumers. If this sounds challenging, understanding data stewardship and its role in consumer trust is the first step. Read on to get a preview of what you’ll learn in our Data Stewardship whitepaper.

From data ownership to data stewardship

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data privacy regulations and how fast they change? Worried consumers won’t understand why or how you collect, manage, and share their data? Wondering if your organization could have better data stewardship practices? This whitepaper will help your organization answer these questions and more.

In the whitepaper, we cover the significance and benefits of moving from data ownership to stewardship and what that means for your organization and its data collection practices. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the role your organization plays in securing and protecting data as well as actionable steps you can implement from FormAssembly’s CEO, Cedric Savarese. You’ll learn about:

  • The five tenets of data stewardship
  • How to improve and maintain data integrity
  • The importance of building customer trust
  • Enhancing compliance with data privacy laws

How to get started

Take the first step to becoming a better steward of the data you collect by downloading your copy of our Data Stewardship whitepaper.

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