[Webinar] Why It’s Time to Evolve from Data Ownership to Data Stewardship: A Conversation with FormAssembly’s CEO


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Data is often considered the backbone of an organization. While it paves the way for company growth, it also comes with significant challenges. Security threats increase every day. Consumers expect better privacy standards. Non-compliance is costly and dangerous. The world of data security, privacy, and compliance is always changing, and without evolving their mindsets on data, organizations will face greater risks than ever before. 

Listen in on the conversation between FormAssembly CEO Cedric Savarese and our Director of Security and Compliance David Scovetta about the significance of a data stewardship approach in an era of diminished consumer trust, growing threats, and complex privacy regulations.

What you’ll learn

In the conversation, our CEO and Director of Security and Compliance discussed how organizations should move from a data ownership perspective to one of principled data stewardship. You’ll learn about:

  • The difference between data ownership and data stewardship
  • The five tenets of data stewardship
  • How data stewardship can help you build trust with your customers
  • Why data stewardship is key to FormAssembly’s mission

After the presentation, our attendees asked our team questions about security and compliance, data stewardship, and more.

How to improve data stewardship

Now is the time to evolve from a mindset of data ownership to one of data stewardship. Read our whitepaper, Understanding the Importance of Data Stewardship: How to Effectively Manage and Secure Customer Data, by FormAssembly CEO Cedric Savarese to learn more.

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