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Article: “FormAssembly Grows 63 Percent in Enterprise and Compliance, Launches New Customer-Centric Initiatives”
Author: Staff Writer
Website/Publication: MarTech Series

Article Summary:

In the MarTech Series article they discuss:

  • The importance of secure, compliant data practices and how FormAssembly, a web form building and data collection platform, meets these needs
  • How FormAssembly’s VIP Program and Certification Programs allow for collaboration and sharing of knowledge
  • FormAssembly’s appearance at Dreamforce 2018, where team members discussed questions concerning proper data collection methods

The Highlights:

MarTech Series Staff Writer on the significance of the VIP Program and Certification Program:

“Both the VIP Program and Certification Program aim to identify FormAssembly power users and offer them the chance to collaborate and share knowledge. Specifically, the VIP program brings together a diverse community of FormAssembly users who can network and share the unique ways in which they leverage FormAssembly. They have premium access to various FormAssembly teams, special projects as well as new product updates before their public release.”

Cedric Savarese, FormAssembly’s Founder and CEO, on compliant data collection practices:

“We continue to remain focused on our customers’ needs and doing whatever it takes to help them become better stewards of the data they collect,”

Cedric Savarese on creating seamless customer experiences:

“With FormAssembly, our customers get the complete package – deep integration with Salesforce, exceptional design and customization options, as well as up-to-date security and compliance support. As we grow, our goal is to make our customers’ experience even smoother and more holistic, and that is our primary objective in launching these new customer programs.”

The article can be in found in full here.

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