Exploring the Impact of FormAssembly’s COVID-19 Assistance Program


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In early 2020, as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, FormAssembly developed our COVID-19 Assistance Program. This program was designed to provide a pro bono data collection solution for the organizations that needed it most during this challenging time.

With the rise of remote work and social distancing, secure online forms and data collection are more useful than ever before. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the organizations that used our COVID-19 Assistance Program to adapt, collect critical information, and protect sensitive data throughout the pandemic.

COVID-19 Assistance Program stats

FormAssembly had the privilege of helping customers across industries and around the world meet data collection challenges throughout the pandemic. The submissions we received were diverse, and each case provided an opportunity to give back to local and regional communities. Check out these notable program stats from the past year:

  • We received 81 total COVID-19 Assistance Program submissions (11 of which were existing customers).
  • Seven FormAssembly partners received direct help to their customers via services or through partner discounts.
  • FormAssembly provided $77,372.40 (estimated) in Compliance Cloud accounts, trial extensions, and payment relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The program also provided $6,890 (estimated) in Implementation Services for existing and new customers.

University of Florida

The pandemic forced staff at the University of Florida in Gainesville to quickly develop new online processes in order to support their students and staff. Students were unable to attend and finish classes in person, causing a major shift in instruction and assignment procedures for both students and faculty. In addition, housing, income, and other resources were unavailable to the students and staff that relied on them.

The University of Florida signed on to FormAssembly’s COVID-19 Assistance Program so they could quickly and easily get online forms up and running to collect data for key initiatives. The team used FormAssembly to create emergency financial assistance forms and class completion forms.


Hyphen8 is a Salesforce implementation and Impact partner that is focused on designing, building, and supporting Salesforce solutions for nonprofits in the U.K. Hyphen8 uses FormAssembly for many of their customers year-round, but they were able to utilize our pro bono Compliance Cloud offering in order to provide fast, secure, and streamlined implementation processes for nonprofits that needed to respond quickly to the pandemic.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank experienced a surge of people in need as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Staff at the food bank already used FormAssembly for volunteer efforts and partnerships, and they were able to expand their use cases to meet the diverse needs of their community during the health crisis. The team used FormAssembly to implement an online food delivery reservation system.

University College London Hospital (UCLH)

As the pandemic peaked in the U.K., staff members at University College London Hospital sought to learn more about frontline healthcare workers so they could provide critical protections in the work environment. To support these efforts, FormAssembly converted and upgraded UCLH’s existing account to include additional features and up to five users for more streamlined data collection in a time of need. With the help of Implementation Services, UCLH added additional form features for greater flexibility, moved their server location to London, and developed forms that could be used for broader use cases beyond the pandemic.

FormAssembly’s web form builder and data collection platform not only streamlines processes for these organizations on a regular basis, but it also helps them navigate unpredictable and unprecedented events. We’re thankful to all of the organizations who have taken advantage of our COVID-19 Assistance Program, and we look forward to continuing to deliver the highest level of service, security, and support throughout the pandemic and beyond.

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