Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women of FormAssembly


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March is Women’s History Month and a time to celebrate the world-changing contributions from daring, innovative, and entrepreneurial women, both past and present, who have helped shape our current societies, technologies, and cultures. These women not only paved the way for future advancements across industries but demonstrated tenacity to break through societal barriers and make a difference across the globe. From Marie Curie to Rosa Parks to Malala Yousafzai, and countless others, women have been shaping our history, and we are honored to celebrate their accomplishments this month and every month.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we also celebrate the remarkable professional women making an impact at FormAssembly. From establishing several women as leaders to nurturing female talent through mentorship programs, our company is proud to support and facilitate an equal and inclusive environment for our women in tech.

About the Women of FormAssembly

We’re proud to share that women make up a huge part of our team—here are some highlights and fun facts about the women of FormAssembly:

Women of FormAssembly Mentorship Program

The Women of FormAssembly mentorship group is a program designed to help nurture and retain female talent at FormAssembly through network, learning, and growth. The program celebrates equity and growth among FormAssembly’s women professionals and encourages connection, support through mentor and mentee relationships, and upleveling women on the team.

“During my six years at FormAssembly, I’ve watched as our team has developed and matured in every sense. As we continue to be at the forefront of equality and inclusion, I wanted to create a place for the women at FormAssembly to connect, learn, and grow together,” said Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing and Sales Development. “Being a woman in tech can be isolating, and the Women of FormAssembly program allows us to create a supportive environment to lift each other up and empower the next female leaders in tech.” 

Lifting each other up

In the spirit of celebrating the women of FormAssembly, we asked our team to share which woman or women at FormAssembly inspires them and why. Here are their answers:

  • “Ashley McAlpin is a true inspiration as she’s a hard worker, motivator, and amazing leader!” –Cristen Shaban
  • “Kayla Condello is super knowledgeable and inspires me to learn more about the product and tech every day!” –FormAssembly team member
  • “Shannon Hofmeister, despite being fairly new and in a male-dominated field, is always displaying confidence and inspiring others by leading with such professionalism and a positive attitude.” –FormAssembly team member
  • “Greer Brown has done so much in the couple of months she’s been here, driving forth with passion for making VOC as effective as possible. She inspires me to listen to our customers and prospects and provide useful feedback to Product.” –FormAssembly team member
  • “Angel Speagle, who always makes me smile in all-team meetings with her kindness and positivity!” –Cristen Shaban
  • “I am inspired daily by the female executives at FormAssembly who lead by such incredible examples and encourage all women to explore our goals whether in our careers or in our personal lives. They always make women feel supported and heard but also push us to explore our growth and showcase our talent. I thank them for the constant show of appreciation and gentle nudges to be more outspoken and confident.” –FormAssembly team member
  • “Shannon Hofmeister is very professional and progressing quickly through the roles, even though started with FormAssembly pretty recently!” –FormAssembly team member
  • “Liz Miner is an incredibly hard worker. Despite having a lot on her plate, she always makes time to collaborate on projects. She’s been integral to getting a few of my projects off the ground and rallying the team. Beyond that, she’s patient, funny, and crafty!” –Greer Brown
  • “Shannon Hofmeister inspires me to constantly do better in my job as well as to keep learning and growing every day. She has been such an amazing mentor and support system in my sales journey and I feel like I have someone I can learn from and lean on. I am so lucky to have found someone who has been such a great resource and friend.” –Gabriella Rebata
  • “Ashley McAlpin challenges her team and all around her. She is such a force professionally, and is also a wonderful, inspiring woman in general.” –FormAssembly team member

Celebrate with us

To celebrate Women’s History month, the women of FormAssembly put together a playlist of their most empowering songs. Listen to the Let’s Celebrate Women in Tech playlist on Spotify!

You can also watch our virtual panel broadcast for International Women’s Day where we spoke with women in leadership roles at various enterprises about their stories, challenges, successes, and advice for other women in tech. Read the blog post or watch the webinar on-demand by clicking the link below.

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