NEW!: FormAssembly Partner Highlight Series

Partner Highlight Series- Intro Post

Batman and Robin, Simon and Garfunkel, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler… Everything’s better with a partner (or partners). At FormAssembly, we couldn’t do what we do without the support and effort of the many different companies that we partner with. We’re grateful to be able to help so many mutual customers and while we proudly … Read More

11 Reasons to Use FormAssembly to Collect and Manage Your Data

10 Reasons to Use FormAssembly (3)

No matter what kind of company you are part of, you navigate process, data, and organizational hurdles that interfere with achieving business goals every day. The good news is, there’s a system that can save time, reduce manual data entry, and transfer information safely to the many different programs you use. Introducing: FormAssembly, the intuitive, … Read More

Case Study: Aetna

Here’s a look at how Aetna Pharmacy Management uses FormAssembly! Aetna Pharmacy Management is a full-service benefits manager of prescription drug insurance. Aetna’s total health focus helps promote clinically appropriate, cost-effective care. Aetna offers solutions and online tools to help and support pharmacies, pharmacists, patients, and customers. A more efficient Salesforce solution Aetna’s customer relations … Read More